Governors at Horsley Church of England School

The governing body reconstituted on 1st September 2015 and consists of: 

The governing body reconstituted on 1st September 2015 and consists of:
a. 3 Parent Governors
b. 1 LA Governor
c. 1 Staff Governor
d. 1 Headteacher
e. 2 Foundation Governors – 1 from the church (PCC) and the vicar or the chosen representative
f. 5 Co-opted Governors

NameStart DateEnd DateGovernor Type
Mrs A. Corley4/11/201514/12/2020Co-opted
Vacancy (Vicar)
Mr Russell Vallance1/9/20171/9/2021Foundation
Catherine Johnson4/11/201512/10/2021Co-opted
Peter Haslock1/09/201901/09/2022Parent
Mrs Margaret Beasley4/11/20155/4/2022Co-opted
Miss Donna Bennett4/11/20154/11/2019Co-opted
Mr Miles Dent16/10/201815/10/2022Authority
Mrs Julia Bell01/12/20161/12/2020Staff
Mr Andrew Vallance25/4/201725/4/2021Co-opted
Mr James Carver19/01/201619/01/2020Parent
Mr Kieran Harrod19/01/201619/01/2020Parent

Mr Richard Cripps (Headteacher)
Justin Marsden (Associate)

Co-Chairs of Governors

Mr Justin Marsden & Mr Andrew Vallance C/O Horsley Church of England Primary School

Named Governors for Subjects
Literacy –
Numeracy –
Health and Safety – Russell Vallance and Peter Haslock
Disadvantaged pupils – Miles Dent
Child Protection/Safeguarding – Miles Dent
Assessment –
Governor Training –
School Sport/PE – James Carver
Spirituality/R.E./Collective Worship – Russell Vallance/Andrew Vallance
ICT/Website – Kieran Harrod
Science – Julia Bell
SEN – Julia Bell
GDPR – Justin Marsden
Foundation/Wider Curriculum – Kieran Harrod

Declaration on Interests
For additional information and Declaration of Interests download the file below.

Statement from our Chair of Governors and Headteacher.